Dramatic Stainless Steel Wire Fairies by Robin Wight

Textile Moth and Butterfly Sculptures by Yumi Okita

Sculptures by Alain Bellino

Jayson Musson - Halcyon Days (2012) - Mercerized cotton stretched on linen

An Artist Transforms Retro Children’s Playgrounds Into Explosive Abstract Sculptures

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Jul 9

Nava Lubelski, working with the idea of destruction and restoration, tearing and cutting stained areas of a painted canvas then carefully repairing them with embroidery. The web-like structures over the larger holes are beautiful and embellish the repair work in such a precious way, the contrasting colours on the final image really stand out for me too.

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Jul 9

Inspired by David Hockney.

Jul 7

Crystal Morey

Jul 4

Web Products by Valerio Loi

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Jul 4


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